Thursday, 30 June 2022

A Week of Handmade Outfits - Summer 2022

Creating round-ups of how I wear my handmade clothes is always one of my favourite things to do. I think it's nice to see how things actually get worn, and for me it's also a way of assessing which items of clothing get a lot of wear. I tend to write blog posts soon after finishing a project, before I've had time to actually wear it, so this is a more accurate reflection. I made a similar roundup last summer, and those clothes are very much still being worn (especially this beloved skirt). You can also see my handmade holiday wardrobe from 2020, and way back in 2017

I made these jeans at the start of 2021, back when I was unsure about the width. I ended up wearing them constantly last summer and they've been on repeat again this year. Whilst I generally like to wear them with t-shirts, a hoodie is a more realistic pairing for the UK summer weather! In the photo, I'm wearing the jeans when my sister came to visit me at Uni which is a lovely memory - this particular moment was on an evening walk.

Living away from home means I can't ask my mum to take photos of my handmade clothes every five minutes, so I've had to settle for some student accommodation mirror selfies! In addition to the pale blue jeans above, I wear the black wide-legged Dawn Jeans that I made at the end of last year all the time. These are ones that I wear all year round, not just in the summer. I'm wearing them here with the square necked t-shirt that I made last year, which as predicted became a wardrobe staple. It's kind of replaced this white top which I love but is falling apart.

These trousers are the unexpected winner of this summer. I finally tried them on over Easter having left them in my wardrobe unworn since I made them - I didn't love the length, and they were too big round the waist. I have an unnecessary aversion to wearing belts with handmade trousers, I think because it feels like I've failed with the fit, but I'm trying to let that go. It turns out all I needed was to give them a bit of time, because I now love them! It might be something to do with changing fashions, but I think the length is so perfect with my converse and I'm delighted to have a pair of cream trousers. I've worn these so much over the past two months, and despite one incident involving tomato sauce they've stayed remarkably clean. 

I definitely want to continue making even more pairs of trousers, including more jeans variations. These balloon jeans were a bit of a risk when I made them, as I hacked a different pattern and kind of made them up as I went along. I've really enjoyed wearing them over the past year, and in the summer I think they pair really well with my sleeveless turtleneck tops.

We got a mini heatwave this June! My Vikisews Nola Dress was the first thing I pulled out to wear when it got warm. I just love this dress, I love wearing it and I'm so proud of all the intricate sewing details. It's also one that I often receive compliments on, so I get to tell people that I made it!

The other dress that I brought with me to wear on warm days was my True Bias Shelby Dress. I really like the fabric and style of this dress, although I would now like to make a midi length version. This photo was taken during a much needed revision break walk, determined to catch the last of the day's sunshine after hours spent in the library.

Finally, a repeat of two of my all-time favourite makes, and proof of just how much I wear them! This is one of my favourite summer outfits, I really do love these jeans. Because of how much I liked both patterns, I have also made this exact outfit in an alternative colour way - black jeans and a white top!

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  1. great makes and brilliant to workout what you wear, it's taken me a long while to workout what I will wear! I love the making bit :D)