I have a passion for sewing and a love of making my own clothes.
I created 'Lets Get Sewing' to share projects I've made, tutorials I've written and created, and ideas for sewing. I love sewing, and wanted to be able to keep a record of what I've made as well as thoughts about them. 
I'm far from being a 'professional' sewer, but I love making small things for myself and for others. My sewing started as bags, and has made its way over to dressmaking, experimenting with other techniques such as English Paper Piecing along the way. I love the challenge of picking up a pattern and some fabric and creating a wearable garnment from it, and how proud you can feel to wear a garnment that you made.
On my blog you can find thoughts on patterns I've sewn, as well as tutorials that I've created. Hopefully, it will help you realise that anyone can give everything a go, no matter what the final result is! I hope you enjoy reading about my sewing adventures.
Feel free to contact me here, if there is anything you'd like to say, or I'd love photos of things you've made from my tutorials.

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