Tuesday, 5 September 2017

5 Handmade Clothes for the Summer Holidays

Going away in the summer is always a great opportunity for me to get a lot of wear out of my favourite me-made clothes, and I thought I'd share some of my handmade clothes that I wore the most on holiday. These weren't the only handmade clothes I brought with me, but they were the ones that I enjoyed wearing the most and managed to grab pictures of!

For the days spent wondering around cities, this outfit was perfect. A lot of European cities definitely scream 'stripy top and yellow skirt' to me! It's always nice to bring some smart outfits on holiday too, and this skirt ticked all the boxes; it was also good to put on in the evenings.

This was particularly worn at the start of my holiday, which consisted of much warmer weather than the end. I love how summery it feels, and the ruffle sways very nicely in the breeze. Although I didn't spend a lot of time on the beach, I do think that it would be perfect to throw on over swim-wear, the elastic at the top makes it easy to put on and its very comfortable.

For some reason, I love the irony of wearing a top with raindrop fabric on it on a sunny day! T-shirts always get the most wear when I'm on holiday, so it's always good to have ones which are slightly more interesting, like this one. It's always great to have a garment which is comfy and easy to wear but feels a bit more special than a plain shop bought t-shirt.

Again, any t-shirt which is that bit nicer than ready to wear is a win! I wore this top a lot on holiday, it's perfect with jeans for the slightly cooler days (you can probably tell that it was very windy from my hair in this photo!). Also, pineapple fabric is un-beatable!

Yes, pineapples again! I wore these trousers over and over on holiday. They are so comfortable, I honestly don't know why I didn't make a pair sooner. They are also perfect for cycling, something that we did quite a bit of.

I know that this is number six, but five sounds better than six and besides, pyjamas don't count as clothes so much do they?! Finally, my Liberty pyjamas were absolutely perfect to bring with me. They feel so special to wear, and were perfect for warm nights.


  1. Oh I love all of the garments you have made. They are so stylish and you look great in all of them. Those pajamas must feel heavenly. Liberty of London fabrics are so soft and smooth. Beautiful work!!!

  2. Wow you've got such a lovely hand-made wardrobe! That first outfit is such a classic - very stylish. I love those pyjamas - what gorgeous fabric.

  3. A fantastic holiday wardrobe. Where were you? You need to learn to knit now! Jo x