Sunday, 8 January 2017

Peg Bag

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Christmas already feels like a long time ago - I can't believe that this time last week it was new year's day! I have lots of sewing plans for the upcoming months, but today I'd like to back track a few weeks to November. I like to sew a lot of my Christmas presents, and this peg bag is one of the presents that I made. A long time ago, I made a peg bag for my Grandpa, which has now completely fallen apart, and I wanted to make him a new one for Christmas. I knew that he would like most fabrics that I chose, but I really wanted something just right, and I found this really lovely fabric with pegs on it from Poppy Patchwork. I also decided to line my peg bag, as I know from experience that they can get very battered about! I lined it with a plain cream calico that I think goes quite well with the peg fabric. 
When it came to making it, I know that there are a lot of peg bag tutorials on the web, and I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, but in the end I just made it up myself. One thing that I did take from Pinterest though was the curve at the top, which I really like. The construction was really easy, I just cut three pieces (one back and two front) from both the lining and the outside fabric, and sewed them together to make the bag. I also used tracing paper to make a pattern, should I want to make one again. It was a really quick and easy sew, and I'm really pleased with the result!

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my previous sewing... Above you can see two peg bags: one that I made when I was little, and the other that I made this (well, last - 2016 - ) year. Hmm... The sewing on the first one is not great, I clearly didn't know about sewing things right sides together when I was seven! The bag has also completely ripped at the seams, and the pegs were falling out, so it was definitely about time for a new one! Having said that, though, there is something really lovely looking back at the (terrible!) sewing that I did when I was young, and knowing how proud I was when I made it! Isn't it lovely looking back at things that one made when one was younger?

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