Monday, 9 January 2017

A New Jacket

I'm definitely hoping to fast-forward the seasons, but I am still really pleased with my new jacket! A few weeks ago I went to Fashion Fabrics in Bath and bought a metre and a half of this lovely woolly (not 100% wool, but it feels like wool) fabric. I really love the fabric, and after a bit of researching I decided to make a jacket. There are lots of tutorials and patterns for making bomber jackets and other jackets, but I decided to hack a pattern that I already owned. 

 For the pattern. I hacked the Tilly and the Buttons Coco top. I love this pattern (here is one of my recent Coco's) and it was a really simple hack. All I really did was to cut the front piece about 1/2" away from the edge of the fabric where it says to place on fold, and then to cut down the middle of the fold so that I ended up with two identical front pieces which were slightly overlapped. I sewed it up exactly the same, apart from I added a zip in the middle. I went to fabric land and bought the amazing metal zip, remember to buy an open ended one if you'd like to make your own jacket! For the collar I measured around the neckline, cut a strip of fabric which was this wide by 3", folded it wrond sided together, cut a slight angle at each end and sewed the ends, and then I pinned it along the top of the neckline, stitched it down, and then topstiched it to keep the seam allowance in place.

 Of course, I had to add pockets to my jacket! I used the side seam pocket pattern from Tilly's book Love at first stitch, what I love about them is that the awesome fabric is hidden unless you open the pockets slightly! If you'd like to make your own jacket, the Bomber Jacket tutorial by With Wendy is a really good video to watch, and I have my eye on the Hey June Evergreeen Jacket, which I'd love to make some time too! I'm super happy with this make, and I know I'll be wearing it a lot as the weather warms up.

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