Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dungaree Dress

The Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress is definitely the pattern of the moment, and I know I'm not alone to have fallen for the pattern. I actually made this a while ago (sorry for the delay) and have already worn it loads!  When it came to fabric choices, I hesitated between needlecord and denim, as I really like both of these styles for a dungaree dress, but I couldn't find any needlecord I liked and I also had some denim already in my stash. Plus, I just love the contrast topstitching! This Cleo dress also uses contrast topstitching, but it's made from a softer lighter blue denim, which is another option for next time. On the topic of fabrics, I have been searching without success for mustard and/or aubergine needlecord... please let me know if you know where I can find some!

Some of the features that I really like include the the pocket and the double row of topstitching down the centre. I also really like the dungaree clips, I think they add a more professional finish to what is actually a really easy make. I spent a while placing the pattern pieces because I didn't have a huge amount of fabric. I have also made a skirt from this denim, and I think that the two garments are some of my most worn me-made outfits! (You can see an instagram photo of the skirt here) After using every last inch, I got two successful garments out of about 2m of fabric! 

This is a really bad photo of the back (sorry!) but it basically just has a curve going down to the hips. I'm really pleased with this overall, I've got a lot of wear out of it already. Perfect for turtlenecks in the winter, and I'm looking forward to wearing it with short sleeved tops in the spring/summer. I've also worn it with my coco top - who doesn't love denim and stripes?!


  1. Very cute! It looks lovely on you. Well done!

  2. Cool top stitching. I took some out of the curve after my first one to stop me having flappy bits at the back. It was a simple modification but made all the difference.

  3. This is a cute Cleo and great top stitching! I am also a Cleo fan (having made 3 already). Its so practical, versatile and looks good too.