Monday, 8 April 2019

Indian Fabric Marigold Trousers

Despite two previous attempts, the patterned trousers that I've made myself have never turned out quite right. It was a garment that I knew I wanted to try again, partly because it's such a comfortable thing to own. When my friend visited India last year she bought me this beautiful fabric from a market - a feat made even kinder due to the fact that she has aboslutely no knowledge of sewing or fabric buying. The farbic is gorgeous, a lovely coppery red colour with a print that isn't too bold. Of course, it had to be made into a pair of baggy trousers. 

The main issue that I have with the Tilly and the Buttons Marigold Trousers is just how high-waisted they are. My last pair turned out to be pretty much unwearable because of this. Since then, I've hacked the pattern for several different projects included my wide-legged trousers which I love. The only adjustment that needed to be made was to lower the crotch seam by 1" which is what I did on this pair too. They are still pretty high-waisted but I think that that's the style and the elasticated waist makes them very comfortable.

I used up pretty much all of the fabric I had making these. I think it was about 1m in width, meaning that I had to be fairly careful with pattern placements. One of the details that I really liked was the border which was a different print. I used this contrast print on the waistband and the cuffs and I think that it adds a lovely detail. I added the cuffs at the last minute and I'm glad that I did, I think that the finnish suits this style well and I like the contrast of the border print at the bottom.

These are such easy trousers to make and the simple design makes it perfect for a printed fabric. I like the details of the pleats and pockets at the front too, making them slightly more sophisticated. I'm really pleased with the end result mainly due to how much I like the fabric. It feels beautiful too! It's soft and drapey but maintains the structure of the garment and is easy to sew. The trousers definitely fit much better than my previous pair as well as the self-drafted pair I made 2 years ago which are sadly too small as I love that fabric too!


  1. Super cute!!! What a sweet gift from your friend. You used the fabric perfectly on these pants.

  2. What a great friend! Your trousers looked lovely with the adjustment you made.

  3. I love this fabric! I always love seeing trousers in a print but I have such a hard time envisioning it on me which makes it so hard to no what to buy. These turned out really cute.