Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Two Stipy Tops

Sometimes the most simple makes are the most successful. To me, this ribbed jersey screamed out to be made into a t-shirt. Not a particularly complex t-shirt, just a classic everyday top. I wanted to create a top that wasn't too fitted but wasn't boxy and that was cropped just the right amount. In other words, the perfect everyday t-shirt. 

While a lot of people may find sewing t-shirts boring, I actually really enjoy. Not only are they really satisfyingly quick to make, they also tend to be the clothes that get the most wear. I made a few basic t-shirts last year and realised just how much they get worn throughout spring and summer. I've never felt the need to purchase a t-shirt pattern as alterations to existing patterns are just so easy to do. 

I ended up with quite a bit of fabric left over as a simple top like this doesn't require much fabric at all. So - I made another one! I asked my sister whether she'd like a top too and she said yes so I whipped up an identical top. I just love that we have matching tops and while I know that we will almost certainly never wear them at the same time it's nice knowing that we could! 

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