Saturday, 30 March 2019

Black Cami Top

This wasn't a top that was ever technically supposed to be worn on its own but I discovered in taking these photos that I actually really like it. I think it's best described as a bonus make! I actually created this top to be worn underneath this one. The sheerness of the fabric meant that a plain black top needed to be worn underneath and I decided to make one rather than buy one. Because it was designed to be an undergarment the design is very simple but that's actually what I like about it.

At the time of making I wasn't, as I mentioned, anticipating wearing this top much and because of that the entire process was very quick and very inexpensive. I had a look through the crepe fabrics at fabric land and settled on this one. I'm not entirely sure of it's content but I believe it's actually a poly-viscose meaning that it was cheap but also feels fairly luxurious. I often draft patterns myself rather than using commercial ones, the only issue being that I then spend slightly longer cutting the fabric than I usually would because the pattern isn't exact and I don't want to waste any fabric. However, what was liberating about this project was that the cheapness of the fabric meant that it didn't actually matter whether or not it was cut completely wrong. On top of that, I knew this wasn't going to be a well worn staple which meant that I sped through the sewing process.
I don't think that speeding up on these two aspects made the top any less good; I still took my time on necessary details, I just wasn't as worried to do them quickly.

The only thing I would say is that the top was way too tight the first time I dried it on. To solve this, I pinned it to my mannequin and then measured dimentions of a trapezium. It worked beautifully and completely solved the fit issue, and I actually really like the addition of a side piece in the side seams as it adds a nice feature to a very simple design. The entire top is lined, which was really easy: I just made sure I cut two of everything. The lining is sewn in place along the top and I then cut it slightly shorter and hemmed it at that shorter length so that it wouldn't show.

Because the design is so simple the v-neck really stands out. I added this design to both the front and the back, the v at the back being deeper which I love. The shape also stands out really nicely when being worn with this top. The final addition was the straps which are really fine and delicate, the perfect finish.


  1. I really love the things you make for yourself. It's very inspiring and I'm working up the courage to try making some clothes for myself again. xx Susan

  2. Your cami is pretty! I like the V feature on the front and back!

  3. Congratulation, your top is top (huhuhu). You're so much talented!!!