Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Atelier Brunette Linden Sweatshirt

Sometimes, a fabric and a pattern come together perfectly; this was one of those times. Atelier Brunette are one of my absolute favourite fabrics designers. I love looking at their new designs as soon as they release a collection and I have about a hundred garments in my head that are made up in their fabrics! Unfortunately, beautiful fabrics do tend to cost more which is one of the reasons I don't sew with Atelier Brunette fabrics as often as I'd like to. However, I have sewn with them a few times in the past and each time I've been delighted at the quality of the fabric as well as their gorgeous designs. I find that good quality knit fabrics in particular are hard to find so it's good to know which manufacturers/ designers produce good quality fabrics, especially when ordering online.

I've admired the french terry fabric collection for a while now. There are a variety of prints and colour ways available. I love the glittery/metallic effect as it adds interest to the fabric but at the same time isn't over the top in the slightest. I wasn't sure initially which colour way to go for but in the end I opted for navy - a very repetitive and slightly boring choice considering most of the things I make are blue but at least it means that I know I'll love and wear the outcome! When it comes to seasonal clothing I prefer more subtle things too so I really like how the gold dashes gives a very small nod to Christmas while being perfectly fine to wear all year round too.

I've made so many Linden sweatshirts now that I know the construction off by heart! This was such a quick and easy make especially as I sewed it up on my overlocker. I've discovered that I really enjoy top-stitching neckbands too, I find there's something really satisfying about finishing touches. I decided not to topstitch the cuffs and hem band on this jumper to allow for a softer more comfortable finish. It did get on my nerves slightly that they weren't topstitched down the first few times I wore the it, but in the end I decided not to go back and topstitch them as I like the slightly less rigid finish.

For me, this is just the perfect jumper. I love the fabric, I love the pattern. When it comes to Autumn and Winter I wear these kinds of jumpers constantly so I'm delighted to have this one in my wardrobe. The fit of the Linden jumper is just perfect, ever so slightly oversized meaning it's really comfortable and warm. The sleeves actually ended up a little too long but I really like the extra length as it makes the jumper even more comfy. The fabric is really soft on the inside too, making it the perfect thing to throw on when it's cold.