Sunday, 23 December 2018

2018 Sew Down

I still can't quite believe that it's almost the end of 2018! I really feel as though I've managed to improve my sewing skills this year and curate a handmade closet that I love and where lots. I'm looking forward to seeing what ends up under each category for my sew down this year! I really enjoyed doing this last year, it's quite surprising looking back at that post and seeing how much my taste has changed since last year.

Proudest make: Without a doubt, this has to be my Kelly Anorak! I love it so so much and I am so proud of so many different aspects of it. Wearing it is the best feeling. This time last year it was something on my to-sew list but I never really believed that I'd be able to make it so I'm so pleased I did! I'm also really proud to have finally made a pair of jeans.

Most worn make: As I mentioned this year I've managed to make a lot more items of clothing that I love to wear and that I do wear on a regular basis. Although I was tempted to choose my Linden jumper or my Stella hoodie for this, realistically I think that my Ginger Jeans have probably received the most wear overall.

Least worn make: I always feel slightly disappointed thinking about those makes that don't get as much/any wear but although I don't wear my Honeycomb top I'm still really glad I made it as I enjoyed learning new techniques. It's a great pattern but the combination of the colour and style means that it just isn't one that I wear.

Most unexpected make: If you'd asked me a year ago whether I would consider wearing a pair of gingham trousers, the answer would have certainly been no. Flash forward to a summer full of brightly coloured trousers and chances are I'll be wearing these! This was a project where I was completely inspired by a fashion trend and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Last year's favourite: More gingham! I actually think that my gingham top might be one of my most worn makes of all time. I love it so much, it's one of those items of clothing that instantly makes me feel happy when I put it on.

Favourite make for others: Sewing for others is always nerve-wracking and sewing for others outside your family even more so, but my friend for whom I made this top was so lovely about receiving it that I loved giving it to her. Also, it was a difficult project that I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve so I'm proud of this top too.

Most used pattern: My most used pattern of this year was the Tilly and the Buttons Freya top. I made three versions using an un-altered version of the pattern: this one (my favourite) a mustard one and another stripy version. However, I also used the bodice as a base for several more projects. It's a really great block to use to help draft a t-shirt.

Favourite fabric shop: Visiting and discovering fabric shops is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I absolutely loved going to the Higgs & Higgs warehouse shop, there fabric is gorgeous.

Favourite fabric: This is a fabric I used on one of my latest makes - I've coveted the gorgeous French Terry Atelier Brunette collection for ages and I was so happy to finally sew something out of one of the fabrics! It feels and looks as lovely in real life as it does on the screen.

Most exciting sewing event: One of the most exciting sewing related things for me this year has been having the chance to use an overlocker, I love using it so much and I love how it's improved my sewing. The insides of my garments are now as beautiful as the outside!


  1. been a fabulous sewing year! I remember getting my first overlocker and the difference it made to the finsh of the clothes I made.

  2. You have made some fabulous things this year and I have enjoyed reading about your sewing adventures!

  3. You have had a wonderful year! I love your Anorak too, though you accomplished so many great things, and I know there is more in store for you in 2019!

  4. What a fantastic wardrobe you have created! :)

  5. What a busy year you have had and such wonderful makes! I hope you continue enjoying your sewing in the new year.

  6. You had a very productive year! I love your anorak especially, but everything you highlighted is lovely. And I love my overlock machine, too; it's such a handy machine!