Thursday, 29 November 2018

Mrs Potts Costume

I have a slightly different project to share today, not the kind of thing I've ever made before! I tend to sew almost exclusively every day clothing but was recently asked to make a costume for a pantomime. The play in question is Beauty and the Beast and I was asked to make the outfit for Mrs Potts. I was given both the fabric and pattern and pattern view and set to work. The pattern is a simplicity pattern (I'm afraid I can't remember the exact one though) which was actually a design for princess costumes but it's quite a classic fairytale dress.

Because I wasn't able to fit the dress onto the person and because it's for a performance I omitted the closure down the centre back and simply turned the seam allowance under and stitched it. I've handed it over now but I expect that either velcro or ties will be attached so that it can easily be put on on and off. It also means that the dress can be used in the future too as it isn't a definitive size. 
I hadn't used a simplicity pattern for a couple of years before making this dress and I was more that just slightly confused by the instructions in places! Because I've grown accustomed to the wonderfully clear instructions of Indie patterns I did find the layout quite frustrating. In reality the dress isn't very complex though and I was able to pretty much make up the construction process as I went along. I don't anticipate using another simplicity pattern anytime soon though...

Because dresses don't tend to be the kind of thing I wear I rarely make them, so it was nice to have a project that wasn't another jumper/t-shirt! I particularly like the detail of the peter pan collar.
This was a really fun project to take part in, and not the kind that I've done before. As mentioned I've handed the dress over to someone else now, who I believe is going to add some more 'teapot-esque' features whatever those may be (presumably a spout!) as the dress doesn't currently even vaguely ressemble a teapot! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished outfit though, It's quite nice being part of a project where different people will be adding different things. I'm looking forward to seeing the play too and to being able to spot my dress on the stage.


  1. Isn’t it a shame that the big four almost seem to be obsoleting themselves?! I think, back in the 70s the instructions weren’t that bad. Then I remember sewing on pure faith sometimes, not understanding or seeing where I was going, just following the step I was currently on. We didn’t have indies back then to compare to.
    Sometimes though I learned fairly advanced and beautiful techniques from some of those patterns- detailed tucks, bound buttonholes, beautiful linings. I’d hate for those things to drift too much further away.

  2. Way to go for trying something new and doing a great job!!

  3. How fun and exciting to be part of a costume project! I have a small collection of costume patterns that I have bought when discounted. I like to have them on hand to have bits and pieces to pull from if ever costume wear is needed.

  4. Nice work!

    The dress may not resemble a teapot at this stage, but the floral pattern is reminiscent of Old Country Roses china pattern!