Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Jam Jar Patchwork

This is actually a project that I finished a very long time ago, but I wanted to share it here because I just love it! The idea came to me for doing a jam jar patchwork after I made the bag from the front of this magazine (issue 15) , and I realised that the same technique could be used. I drafted my own pattern, which did take a long time, but it was definitely worth it! The hardest part was probably sewing with pieces of fabric that measure about 2cm x 1cm!

You can see the construction a bit more clearly from the back. Pieces of fabric are sewn together to form long vertical rows, and the rows are then sewn together to create the overall collage. The hardest part of this is making sure that all the seams match up (for example, the bottom of the table-cloth).

Two of my favourite things about this are the labels and the lids. I love how they turned out! The 'lids' were appliqu├ęd on afterwards, and I think that they add a lovely finishing touch! I also had a lot of fun choosing different 'jam-coloured' fabrics - purples and pinks are really lovely colours! One of the things that I like about patchwork is that you can choose fun prints that just wouldn't look right in dressmaking. The frame is also something that I really like - it's an embroidery hoop, but I think it works really well and is a creative alternative to just framing embroidery in it. The overall patchwork stands out really nicely against a white wall.

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