Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fairfield Button Up

I actually finished this project in early February, but have only just got round to photographing it. It's a shirt! A proper button-up men's shirt! I am so, so pleased with it. I've wanted to make a shirt for my dad for a while, but never quite felt brave enough. I finally decided to make one for his birthday, and I am so pleased I did! It was a challenge for me, but I succeeded, and he was really pleased with it! To create a garment for someone else that they can actually wear was a first for me, so I was quite nervous, but it means that I feel even prouder.
The fabric for this shirt I bought from Sewn. Its a really lovely Robert Kaufman chambray. For the pattern, I used the Thread Theory Designs Fairfield Button-up. I would definitely recommend the pattern (although there were a lot of pieces to cut out and trace!) the instructions were very clear, and I was able to learn a lot of new skills. I went for a mix of variations 1 and 2, so my shirt includes back darts rather than a pleat, and cuffs on the sleeves. 

The cuffs are definitely one of my favourite features. I'm really proud of them, as it was the first time I have sewn cuffs. I'm also pleased with the button holes (I've sewn button holes several times before, but every successful one is a win!). Overall, I am really happy with this shirt. My dad was really pleased too, and it's projects like this which remind you that you can do anything!


  1. This looks brilliant! And what a lovely present to make for your dad!

  2. I love it! I just finished a Brumby skirt in this fabric and it is my new favorite. It looks great in a button down too.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have a dress in this fabric too!