Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Vikisews Patterns Nola Dress


I knew as soon as I made the Vikisews Nola dress last year that it was a pattern that I would be returning too. My blue floral version has become one of my favourite makes, mainly because I don't think it looks at all 'homemade'! I also really love the details of this pattern, from the puff sleeves to the shirred back.  

This pattern was definitely quicker to make the second time round. The instructions are all in Russian, and whilst I struggled a bit with google translate when I first made the dress, this time I was able to construct it using just the photos to guide me. There are a lot of different techniques in sewing this dress which is something I always enjoy spending time over, but it also requires a high level of concentration and focus - not one to make late at night!

I'm definitely pleased with how my shirring has turned out. When I made my blue dress last year it was the first time I've incorporated shirring into a garment, and I have also made a top version since then. It's definitely an addictive technique! The only thing I'm a bit frustrated about is that since making this dress, the shirring has started to gape slightly on my blue one. I think the best way to fix it will be to insert 1/4" elastic into the top row, but I'm annoyed not to have realised it sooner as I'll probably need to unpick this one too now.

I loved the viscose that I used last time, and had no hesitation in buying more from Felicity Fabrics. They have a lovely range of viscose fabrics that I’m especially drawn to in the summer. I really like the black background of this one as it adds a bit of contrast to the floral print, especially when using a pattern which has quite feminine details.

I've really enjoyed wearing midi-skirts this summer, and love the longer length of my handmade slip dress. Because of this, I decided to lengthen the Nola dress so that it ends just below the knee. I was certain that I wanted it to be longer, but I'm not sure about it now. It might be because there isn't as much waist definition so it feels a bit too volumous? I need to wear it a few more times before deciding what to do - I want to love it as much as the other dress, which might involve shortening it.

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  1. Such a timeless feminine design, and I’ve finally grown used to and even like the styling with sneakers. The sewing and fit looks impeccable!