Sunday, 28 November 2021

DIY Ribbed Halterneck Top

My sewing plans before leaving for University revolved around formal outfits and 'going out' clothes. I've already shared details about the former makes, which included a jumpsuit and a black velvet dress. This top falls under the second category, I made it with the intention of wearing it in the evenings. I should add that when I made this top it wasn't the middle of winter, it actually snowed yesterday morning so a sleeveless top doesn't feel like quite the right thing to be writing about!

The design for this top is based off of a ready to wear top, which is often where I find inspiration. I own a lot of t-shirts but nothing that was really to suited parties. I really like the halter neck design of this top, it's a style that I'm often drawn to and used when I made my prom dress. My favourite detail of this top is the fact that the front panels are fully lined, meaning that the only visible seam on the inside is the horizontal one in the middle (the bottom panel is cut on the fold). It makes it really neat inside and is ideal when using a lighter-weight fabric like this rib.

The back simply has a rectangular panel of fabric, again it's fully lined. I've been on a roll with upcycling old garments lately, having recently transformed this top into this turtleneck. This lilac rib has a similar story to the pink one, I liked the top that I made from the fabric at the time but wasn't wearing it anymore so decided to make it into something new. You can see the old top here, I really like the colour of the fabric so I'm glad I got to make something else out of it.

The lining comes into its own around the armhole and neckline, making sure that the seams are all hidden. I'm really pleased with the shape of the neckline, it's often hard to know exactly how steep to make a curve when you're drafting a pattern but I think it turned out well. Overall this was a really simple, speedy make. It's not the kind of thing I'll wear everyday but I'm looking forward to having it for the summer!

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