Thursday, 27 September 2018

Art Gallery Frankie T-Shirt

After the success of my last Frankie t-shirt, I knew that another one would be imminent. I've made quite a few t-shirts this year and found that I didn't dislike the task of 'boring' sewing as much as I anticipated. For me, a t-shirt is a nice and speedy sew that is the perfect thing to make after a long project, when you feel in need of a satisfyingly quick sew. My green Frankie and my Paris top were probably my most worn t-shirts in summer and I decided to make another Frankie to enjoy the last few rays of September sunshine with. 

One of the nice things about re-making a pattern is that you know already that it will be a success style-wise. Rather than having to check and double check hem length I simply placed my previous t-shirt on top of this one and pinned the length according to that. I knew that I liked the slightly cropped length of my other top and that I wanted this version to have that too. The same went for sewing the side seams: I used the same seam allowance as on my other version so that it would fit the same way. All of these things meant that what was already a very quick sew became even quicker, and I had a new t-shirt in no time at all.

I was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed wearing a green top, which isn't a colour normally associated with my wardrobe. The fabric for this top is probably more classically what I would go for - in other words it's blue! I do love this fabric though. It's an Art Gallery jersey fabric which is really amazing quality. I also really like the pattern which is a bit different to your everyday blue and white combination. The downside to such gorgeous fabric is that it is quite expensive, but then again 1 metre was the perfect amount to make this top with.

Even though I used exactly the same pattern and sizing for both t-shirts, they are quite different mainly due to the fabric choice but also the fabric weight: the Art Gallery jersey is slightly lighter-weight meaning that it has a bit more drape. There isn't much else to say about both this top and the pattern that hasn't already been said, but to conclude I think this is a great simple make which is bound to get lots of wear. It's nice to have another tried and tested pattern to add to the list too.


  1. Such a great fit and the fabric is gorgeous!

  2. It is a nice modern pattern and will go with lots of items, great job.

  3. Art Gallery fabrics are a real treat. It is a great T-shirt. Jo x