Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Perfect Denim Skirt

My jeans refashion skirt which I made last year is one of my favourite and most worn handmade items. Because I wear it so often I really wanted to make another short and casual skirt, and a perfect denim skirt is exactly what I needed for summer. There are so many skirt patterns avaliable but I wasn't conviced by any as I couldn't decide on the style that I wanted. The idea suddenly just clicked one day and I knew that a skirt with a fly was the way to go. I actually owned the Moss skirt pattern by Grainline studio already and have used it before but I was originally heasitant to use it for this skirt because I find that the waistband is just too low. The skirt is actually designed to sit on the hips but it's just not a style that I find comfortable, I much prefer high-waisted garments.
It is actually fairly simple in theory to combat this problem. The only change that I made to the pattern was to cut the skirt longer because what I esentially did was to wear the skirt with the waistband around my waist rather than on my hips. What makes this difficult in practice is that the waistband then required a lot more adjusting than before. The adjustments that I made were very similar to those that I made on my Ginger jeans, namely taking in the side seams of the waistband, adding a dart in the centre back and taking out a wedge of fabric from the back yoke.

My absolute favourite part of this skirt is the ribbon down the sides. Stripes down the sides of clothing (trousers, skirts, shorts) has been something that I've noticed in shops recently and it's something that I love and really wanted to recreate. As with a lot of extra details on my sewing, it was my Mum's idea to add the stripes and I immediately thought that it would be the perfect additon. I wasn't sure wether I would find the right ribbon but I found the perfect pattern/colour/width combination at my local craft shop. I love having a classic denim skirt as it goes with everything and I was initially worried that the stripe would make it less versatile but it's subtle enough to add a lovely extra detail but not that it makes the skirt impossible to wear in the slightest. 

I managed to squeeze this skirt out of just enough fabric, left over from my Ginger jeans. I love the colour of this denim and it's really good quality too so I was really pleased to have been able to use up the little I had left. One of the great things about mini skirts is that they hardly require any fabric at all.
I couldn't be happier with this skirt. I've worn it so so much since making it, especially as we have been having having a crazy heatwave, and I especially love the ribbon going down the sides. I'll definitely be trying that again as I love how it looks. Maybe a pair of trousers with stripes down the sides are next on the agenda...


  1. Such a lovely fit and a cute detail with the ribbon stripe!

  2. Very nice! Great job with the adjustments to get the fit you want. You are so talented and to learn fitting techniques at such an early age is amazing!

  3. I think you really did achieve the perfect denim skirt! The stripes down the side add just the right touch of edginess and appeal. That could be a great trend.

  4. Your mom is a good influence! The skirt looks great. I love how you describe modifying the pattern on hand as simply x, y, z. I suspect you’ll be drafting you own soon.

  5. Brilliant! The ribbon details are fantastic x