Monday, 23 July 2018

Summer Pyjamas

I've mentioned it so many times before but pyjamas are one of my favourite things to sew when I just want a quick and easy project. I recently made my sister a pair of pyjama shorts, and they appear to have been an instant success (another thing I love about pyjamas: they get so much wear!) so she asked me to sew her another pair for the summer. You might remember these shorts that I made her last year - unfortunately, she has now grown out of them. While disappointing because the fabric is so lovely it was to be expected and it also gave me the perfect opportunity to make her another pair!

The fabric that I used for these is very similar to that of the other pair, which isn't surprising as it's from the same shop. I first discovered Petit Pan when I visited Paris last year, and I immediately loved all of their prints. They're printed onto lovely quality cotton fabrics and they also have a great selection of waxed cottons. Luckily my mum and sister both really like their designs too, so it gave me the perfect excuse to sew with some of the fabric when my sister found some that she liked when she recently re-visited the shop. Petit Pan also have an online shop and I think they have at least one branch in the UK, so I would highly recommend having a look.
As usual I used the Tilly and the Buttons Margot Pyjamas, which just seem to fit really well. They are also very simple to sew. I really need to make myself a pair and am rather sad to part with these lovely shorts! They have already had a lot of wear though, probably because we are currently mid-heatwave.

As I mentioned Petit Pan also have a selection of waxed cottons, most of which are available in pre-cut sizes. I realised that I never shared this fabric basket that I made for my Mum and thought that while on the subject of Petit Pan fabric it would be nice to mention it. Fabric baskets are so simple to make and also perfect for gifts, I made this to give to my Mum alongside her embroidery hoop at Christmas. I love the pink fabric especially with the contrast of the dark grey and the piping was a perfect addition!


  1. The pajamas are so cute! You are really making me look at pajama patterns now. I was looking at some pajamas while at the store today and thought "I should just make me some." The ones in the store were exactly like the style you made here. Love the fabric basket too.

  2. Your PJs are adorable!!!!