Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Mustard Freya Top

I'm sure that the Tilly and the Buttons Freya top is going to become a most used pattern for me: it's looking highly likely so far! The Freya top is a mock neck top which is available in the Tilly and the Buttons new book Stretch. My first version was this lovely stripy long-sleeved top, and as I love it so much I decided to make another. This top is in a lovely mustard knit fabric which I bought a while ago while on holiday, and it's a fabric that I love still. The texture adds a nice interesting touch but as it's all in the same colour it's a good basic top to have.

This top didn't actually originate the way nearly all my sewing does. It's actually the re-fashion of an old top that I made, the one pictured above. About a year and a half ago I sewed the Deer and Doe Plantain top out of a mustard jersey fabric. I've enjoyed wearing it, but just haven't found myself getting much wear out of it, mainly due to the large neckline. The sewing was also causing there to be a lot of ripped stitches and holes - this was one of my first jersey projects and I found the fabric really hard to manipulate, which meant that the inside of the top was not a pretty sight! Fast-forward 1.5 years and what feels like hundreds of jersey garments later, this particular top was whipped up in hardly any time.

Because the original top had a low neck line and this one has a high one, it meant that I had to crop this top in order for there to be enough fabric. Luckily, the original was fairly long. However, I've been wanting a top like this one to wear with my high waisted Ginger jeans for a while so this was the perfect excuse to make one. I love that already both of the Freya tops that I have made look different and can be worn in a multitude of ways, and that's without even using the many different options included in the pattern! I would definitely like to make the turtleneck version in autumn.
There isn't really much else to say about this top other than the fact that I've worn it a lot of times already! In fact, I doubt it will be very long before I've worn this one many more times than the top it used to be. It was such an easy top to sew, the pattern is really simple and it's one of the speediest pattern to make that I own. Overall, definitely a winner!


  1. What a great re-purpose of a lovely fabric. Such a lovely top!

  2. Pretty top! I hope you will review Tully's newest book. It looks awesome!

  3. What a fantastic use of an old top! Very inspiring. You make some great fabric choices

  4. How brilliant that you managed to refashion an older garment. It is a lovely colour and the cropped shape looks nice. The "Stretch" book sounds like it has some good patterns. Xx