Saturday, 22 July 2017

Me Made of the Month - July 2017

This month's me made of the month is another make that I made a while ago. It's the Deer and Doe Arum blouse. This blouse is one of my favourite patterns, the silhouette is gorgeous. I made this blouse a while ago, but I haven't really worn it much. However, I've  worn it a few times recently and I've really loved wearing it. The fabric is really gorgeous, it's a double gauze from gather here and make something and is gorgeous. The fabric is actually double sided, and luckily I have quite a bit left, and I'm hoping on making something that would put that to it's best.

The only bad thing about this fabric (and this top) is that it frays horribly. Despite the fact that most of the seams are finished, the princess seams on the back are falling apart a bit, which is really frustrating! This was the first time that I made the pattern (I've made it since, you can see it here) and at the time I hadn't sewn a lot of things. This is a great pattern to start off with, as it's really easy to fit and sew. It also teaches good techniques such as sewing a facing. 

I love that I'm now able to come to a point where I can re-discover old makes and put them on. A lot of garments that I made at the start make me feel really happy to put on. It's really nice to wear old makes, as well as to see how much my sewing has improved.


  1. This blouse looks so cute on you! I too love double gauze. It feels so soft and comfortable to wear.

  2. Watching my sewing improve over the years is one of the most satisfying parts of my life too.That top has a lovely drape. Jo x