Thursday, 4 May 2017

Rosa Shirtdress

The Tilly and the Buttons Rosa Shirt and Shirtdress is one of my favourite patterns. Its a wonderful project to get sucked into, I love in-depth projects that you can spend time making perfect. Although quick projects are great too, I find that I sometimes spend less time finishing all the seams exactly or pressing everything wheras in a project that I know from the start will take time, I don't mind spending time on all the details as much. Anyway, I loved spending all time on all the details of the Rosa Shirtdress, such as the topstitching, the mockfelled seams and the buttonholes.

I've already made the Rosa Shirt, and I followed the online workshop that I got for my birthday, so it was suprisingly quick to sew. This time, I wanted to make the dress to wear in the spring and summer. I love the version on the sewing pattern, so I replicated the light denim and golden topstitching. I love the classic look it has! The fabric I got from Fabric land, so it was really good value. Its a lovely chambray and it was really nice to sew with.

One of my favourite details of the Rosa Shirtdress is the contrast facing. I spent a long time choosing the fabric to use on the contrast, as well as the buttons, but I'm really pleased with both. The buttonholes are another thing that I'm really happy with, despite having sewn quite a lot of buttonholes before, I think that they are one of those things which are always quite daunting, but these went pretty smoothly!

Look at the topstitching on the yoke! Overall, I'm really happy with this dress. Although I don't wear dresses loads, I really love them, and this one will definitely be getting a lot of wear over the summer.


  1. What a lovely shirt dress, it looks great! I really like the detailing you've included in the facing. It's these personalised touches that make handmade garments so unique.

  2. I love your Rosa Shirtdress! The little details of the contrasting fabric, buttons and topstitching make it beautiful and special!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's all about the extra little details.

  3. I just came over to your blog and you have really lovely makes. I started sewing - on a machine - when I was about 14, so very amazed at the finish and standard of your garment, and currently my top-stitching would be no where near as neat as yours! looking forward to seeing more of your sews!

  4. Wow. This is amazing! Such great details. You should feel very proud of yourself making this!