Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The Soothing Quilt - English Paper Piecing Update

I am so excited to share these photos of the latest update of my Soothing Quilt EPP project! To find out all about it, you can read my introduction post here. It has changed a lot since my last update back in August. I've added two extra rows since then and the colour scheme has changed so much with the addition of yellows and a few oranges. I love it, but I do kind of miss the original blues and purples! It's also getting a lot harder to attatch the pieces to - it's currently just over 1m² so as you can imagine it's no longer as easy to manoeuvre.

One thing that I do really enjoy is picking out new fabrics that I haven't yet used when planning the next rows. I love how the splashes of oranges and greens that orignally didn't quite fit are now beginning to tie in as the gradient expands. I also really like how colours that I would never usually pair together look really good side by side when part of a much bigger colour scheme.

I've been enjoying adding to this quilt bit by bit. For me, the whole point of EPP is to go slowly. The aim of this quilt is to provide a calm evening outlet so there is no deadline by which to finish it. I've never actually made a quilt before so I'm not entirely sure what to do when it comes to the quilting process but I'll see when I get there. 

I took this photo of the wrong side and I love it almost as much as the right side, it reminds me of a stained glass window. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is having to take all those papers out!

I'm going to keep adding to this until it's large enough to cover a double bed. I'm keeping it as a square for now, but that might change towards the end. I'm excited to see which colours are going to be added next from the Alison Glass Sun Print 2018 fabrics, hopefully some pink will appear soon!


  1. This is looking amazing! I love the way all your colours are coming together it will be one to treasure when complete.

  2. This is fabulous! I'm glad you are enjoying the process with no deadline. I worked on my son's Ship's quilt for 9 years. As happy as I was to finally finish it, there have been times that I have missed not still having it to complete. A lot of life happened while making it. I imagine too once you finish this quilt, you will reflect back on the things that happened during that time.

  3. Look at you! It’s a little rare to sew AND quilt,you know. I hope you continue both, and branch out to find joy in many textile arts. Your joy always shows.

  4. OH I had forgotten about this. It is coming along a treat. I love taking the papers out it is one of my favourite jobs! Jo xxx