Sunday, 7 July 2019

Pink Fluffy Jacket

Some projects are sewn on the spur of the moment while others are in the works for months due to the amount of planning that is involved; this project is definitely the latter. While the actual sewing of this jacket didn't take long at all, I've been thinking and planning this project for a very long time. I'm not sure what convinced me that I needed a pink fluffy jacket but I made one and I love it!

I've noticed people wearing teddy coats or fluffy jackets for a while now and I've wanted to make one for a while. With a project like this, the fabric is absolutely key and it was the lack of opportunity for finding the perfect fabric that delayed this project somewhat. I actually discovered the perfect fabric on a trip to fabric land. I wasn't actively searching for faux fur but they happened to have a lot of gorgeous faux fur fabrics in stock, including black, grey, white and pink. While I had the idea for a fluffy jacket at the back of my mind I don't think I was actively intending it to be pink but the shade of pink that fabric land had in stock was just perfect and the jacket was immediately destined to be sewn.

I tend to sew projects fairly soon after buying the fabric but in this case I was stuck for a while over what I wanted the design to look like. As I mentioned I've seen quite a few jackets like this one being worn recently but each design seemed to have a slightly different variation. It came down to deciding between a collar, hood or lapel and as you can see I chose to go for a jacket with a hood which I'm really glad I went for.

Once I decided on the design I created the pattern. I actually used my dressing gown as the base which seems crazy but the width of it was exactly what I was hoping for. Using a coat that I own I measured the zip length and width to ensure that the proportions were correct. The wrong side of the pink fabric is quite stiff so it required a lining, I purchased a simple grey lining fabric from John Lewis (which is actually the same fabric that I used for the sleeves of my Kelly Anorak). The lining also has the added benefit of making the jacket feel slightly more professional.

When it came to sewing the jacket I actually followed the Closetcase Patterns tutorial for bagging the lining of the Kelly as I remembered it to be really clear when I sewed my anorak. The contruction of the jacket actually came together really easily despite the fact that I made up the order of the majority of the steps! Possibly my favourite feature is the elastic at the cuffs and hem which makes it feel that bit more professional. Because of the bulk of the faux fur the seams were a struggle to sew, especially with the elastic, but it all came together in the end.
I really love this jacket, it's slighlty crazy but remains very wearable thanks to the current trend. The pink fabric is so soft and fluffy but it did shed everywhere while I was trying to sew it! After a lot of hoovering the room has just about recovered...


  1. What an awesome ink fluffy jacket! Isn't is fab what you can do with amazing fabric, lots of imagination and sewing skills? I bet you are the envy of all your friends : )

  2. Lovely pink jacket! Was the fabric hard to sew? My sewing machine gives me fits with heavier layers sometimes.

  3. Oh I love this Jacket, like you I've been trying to find the perfect faux fur for the longest time. i think I've decided to wait until it finds me.