Saturday, 7 January 2017

Stripy Coco

I've been craving a stripy top for so long, and looking everywhere for the right fabric. But it seems to have been too blue, too white, not blue enough, not white enough, too expensive... etc. And then I found some after what has felt like months of searching at my local fabric land! I think that fabric land is a bit of a risky shop, you might find something awful, you might find something brilliant, and I found something brilliant, which I'm really happy with. The fabric is really lovely, it has a nice drape and feels soft, as well as looking good.

After buying the fabric, I wanted to get down to the making as soon as possible. I heasitated over the pattern: I ideally wanted to use one I already had, but did consider buying the Agnes pattern. In the end, Agnes was outruled for the low neckline, and I went with my much loved Coco pattern, which I think was the right decision to make. I really love this pattern, the top came together so quickly, and it was nice to practice some pattern matching!

For the sewing, I used a ball point needle and a walking foot (which, to be honest, I'm not sure how I'd live without!). The neckline is finished with a zig-zag stitch which I repeated on the hem, and I'm really happy with how that turned out. 

Another detail that I'm really pleased with are the cuffs. I was going to trim the sleeves and then  hem them, but my Mum encouraged me to turn them up, which I did, and then put in a couple of stitches to keep them in place. I think it's a really nice little extra detail (which shows I should listen to my Mum!). Overall, I'm really pleased with this top, it was a speedy sew which has already become a wadrobe staple, I know that I'll be getting lots of wear out of it.

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